What Is Pool Cove?

Pool Cove is simply a berm or transition from the pool floor to the pool wall. This “cove” can be made of dirt, sand or pre-formed foam sections. The main purpose of the pool cove is to keep the pool liner from coming in contact with the pool frame and causing damage to the liner. Every above ground pool needs one, so you will either need to make your own cove or buy a pool cove kit.

Pre-formed pool cove kits are great for any above ground pool installation as the cove sections are uniform and give a professional appearance when installed. Installation is quick and easy as the cove sections come with adhesive backing which ensures they stay where they’re put. These pool cove kits are fairly inexpensive and do not deteriorate over time.

When installing your swimming pool on concrete or other hard surfaces, foam cove kits and pool floor pads are a must as rains and splashing will cause sand coves to wash out from under the pool. This washing away causes the frame to become exposed to the pool liner and risking puncture.

Sand or dirt is fine to use as cove in most other cases as long as it’s clean and free from debris. The downside of this type of cove is that it doesn’t always stay put. It can wash out over time and expose the framework to the liner. If the liner comes in contact with it punctures can occur. If you build a cove be sure to build it up the wall at least 4″ and out from the wall at least 4″.

Regardless of which way you go when selecting a pool cove for your new pool, a proper cove will protect your liner from damage and take stress of the liner’s seams. This alone will add years to the life of your pool liner.

Pool Cove In Stock And Ready For Pick Up

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