Above Ground Pools Installed

Whether you choose to be your own above ground pool installer or have a professional do it, we have some information that will help. If you elect to do your own work our website will give you current and accurate Florida specific installation tips and information. We have over 20 years experience as above ground pool installers throughout Central Florida and Brevard County, so we know the soil conditions and weather quite well. Many years of installing pools here on Florida’s Space Coast have given us insight into what pools and products hold up to the tough environments of acidic soils and salty sea air. If you have any questions after reading through this website please call or email for help.

Please note the installation price guide below is just a guide. The pricing listed here reflects the average pricing for the work in this area at the time this chart was made in April 2023.

Pool Installation Price Guide

  • Round Pool Size
  • 12′ Round – $650.00
  • 15′ Round – $750.00
  • 18′ Round – $900.00
  • 21′ Round – $1000.00
  • 24′ Round – $1200.00
  • 27′ Round – $1500.00
  • 30′ Round – $1650.00
  • 33′ Round – $1800.00
  • Oval Pool Size
  • 12’x24′ Oval – $1500.00
  • 15’x24′ Oval – $1600.00
  • 15’x26′ Oval – $1600.00
  • 15’x30′ Oval – $1700.00
  • 16’x32′ Oval – $1800.00
  • 18’x33′ Oval – $2000.00
  • 18’x40′ Oval – $2300.00
  • 21’x43′ Oval – $2500.00
  • Pool Options
  • Main Drain – $350.00
  • PVC Hard Pipe – $250.00
  • Vacuum Line – $200.00
  • Extra Return Jet – $200.00
  • Deep Center/End – TBD
  • Frame Drop – TBD
  • TBD-To Be Determined
  • 33′ Round – $1800.00

What’s Needed

For customer having us build your above ground pool there are a few things that are required in order for our crew to complete the job. There are only 3 things we need prior to arrival and most you probably already have. First, all of the pool components and accessories should be delivered and on-site at the time of appointment. Secondly we will need running water as the pool installation requires a small amount to set the liner, install the skimmer and remove all the wrinkles. You too will need the water to completely fill the pool upon completion of the installation. Lastly we need electricity for a very short time. Access to a typical electrical outlet for approximately 15 minutes is all that’s needed. In most cases it takes our crew approximately 3-8 hours to install most above ground pools. This time varies depending on pool size and location conditions. After completion the average pool takes an additional 8-20 hours to fill depending on pool size and water pressure. Once full it’s time to swim!

What To Buy

Because we get so many questions in regards to this topic we’ve added a list of common above ground pool liner accessories and replacement items to consider when replacing your above ground pool liner. Each have a brief description of what they are and do. Along with this we mention how important they may be for a Florida pool liner installation. As you already know our intense sunshine, long summer season and unique soil conditions can really do a job on any Florida above ground pool. So with a little knowledge and upfront planning you’ll likely add years to the longevity of your pool while providing many years of trouble free use.

Here’s one last bit of advise about ordering pool liner supplies. Take the time to double check pool size, you may be glad you did. I know this may sound silly but one of the most common mistakes made is ordering the wrong size pool liner and accessories. If you end up with the wrong size items it may be weeks before you finally get your pool up and running:(

Click on the items below for complete description, images and best applications of each.

Where To Buy

So where do you go? There are big box stores, online retailers and your neighborhood corner pool store. I can say from the experience of having dealt with them all at one time or another that some are great and some downright bad. And what ever you do, don’t use price as your only criteria when shopping for above ground pools or pool parts. There are many ways you can be burned when it seems to be a great deal.

You could go to big box stores like Amazon or eBay but I’ve never found any real savings there and the product quality is usually inferior. The prices aren’t always cheaper and you never can speak with anyone. This may be alright with you but it’s not the way I like to do things. I prefer to deal with someone I can talk to and ask questions if needed. I recommend being able to assess someone’s knowledge on the topic and I also prefer to buy from a local Florida company. So I say shop anywhere you feel comfortable.


“I took your advise and bought the resin Caspian pool this time. You beach-side fellas sound like you know what you’re talking about. Great pointers!”

“I had no idea about any of this stuff. Your pages made it easy for me to understand. I told my neighbor about you to. He be calling.”

“The tech support at Poos Above Ground was a big help in getting me through my install. I probably called 8-10 times and the guy never got short with me. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.”


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