Bead Track For Above Ground Pool Liners

Bead track works by simply clipping the pool liner onto the top of the pool wall. Bead track or bead receiver is usually made from hard but flexible plastic and runs around the top of the pool wall. This is a very nice addition to any semi-inground pool installation or pool built with a deck surrounding it. By using a bead track here you will not have to remove deck boards or disassemble the top of the pool for liner replacements. When using bead track you must only use a beaded or unibead pool liner.

Because there may be slight differences in bead track over the years, I recommend buying or replacing all of the bead track at the same time to avoid any issues. If you have an overlap pool liner now and want to switch to a bead track system, all that’s needed is the track kit and a unibead liner to make the conversion.

Bead Track For Above Ground Pools