Caspian Saltwater Pool

Saltwater Swimming Pool Basics

Saltwater swimming pools have become very common in the last few years, in fact the account for nearly half of all the pools we installed last year in Central Florida. Even though many would think it just about being trendy, there are many good reasons for opting for a saltwater pool. Depending on where you live or the time you have to maintain your pool, odds are one of the select pool models we offer will be perfect for your needs.

As you probably know, salt is very corrosive and will eat unprotected metal quite quickly. Just like northern cars become rust buckets from the salt on the roads, swimming pools can suffer that same fate if not properly protected. What sets salt friendly swimming pools apart from the others is the materials the pool is constructed from. And by changing the make up of the pool’s construction you can prevent corrosion and extend pool life considerably.

You probably have heard the term resin when above ground pool shopping. Resin is a form of plastics or polymer that’s great for making pool parts from because it does not rust. By using resin in the pool’s construction you can add many years to the life of a swimming pool and enable it you use saltwater as a sanitizer. Not all resin pools are created equal and certain pool models fair much better in tough environments like Florida. Be sure to ask a local dealer or pool installer for advice on what models to purchase.

Caspian, Regency And Mediterranean Pools

Whether you use a saltwater system on these pools or not, the Caspian and Mediterranean pools are the best pools for the job. We’ve installed over one thousand of these pools throughout Florida and they are the best by far. That fit together well and stand the test of time. Top top ledges stand up to the extreme heat day after day and do not warp. Try that with cheaper substitutes. They have the stainless steel panel for the skimmer and return. This alone will add years to the pool’s life. If you are looking for a pool that will last for decades, the Caspian, Regency or Mediterranean is the answer.

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