Palm Bay Above Ground Pools

Palm Bay and Above Ground Pools

I wanted to write this blog post just to give Palm Bay home owners some guidance when it comes to selecting a new swimming pool. It’s early in the swim season but the weather is changing and we’re busy already. I actually went to measure several yards and advise on which pools would fit and work best for our customer’s needs.

Palm Bay is the largest city in Brevard County and with over 100,000 residents it’s easy to see why it makes up such a large percentage of the phone calls and emails we receive each summer. We get a lot of the same concerns from Palm Bay residents so I just wanted to touch on this subject.

There is not much above ground ground pool advice for Palm Bay residents that I wouldn’t give to someone in another coastal Florida city. Even though Palm Bay is located inland slightly from the ocean, the soil and air are still quite corrosive and you should get a pool designed for that environment.

Saltwater Pools or Chlorine

Over the years I have worked extensively in Brevard County and Palm Bay specifically. I can say there are a lot of areas where the ground is high and dry, and some areas that are very wet, especially in the rainy season. Because of so many different soils and being in close proximity to the salty ocean, there is really only a few pool models I recommend.

The toughest of the bunch will be the resin models as they resist rust. Resin pools have top ledges and frame rails made from polymers so they are protected from the wet salty earth and the sun rays. In a nutshell saltwater swimming pools are just better pools and you should consider one even if you don’t use a salt system. The materials used in their construction are upgraded so they cost a little more, but the pay off is a much longer pool life.

Best Above Ground Pools for Palm Bay

If you are looking for the best above ground pool for your money, go with the Caspian from Pools Above Ground. This is an all resin pool with the stainless steel wall panel for the skimmer area. This model will do the best in this climate, it looks great and will outlast all others. I say this model in particular because I know it works well and really lasts. It’s also warrantied for saltwater and freshwater.

If you are looking to save a little money and still want all the best features, go with their Mediterranean or Regency pool. The is a mostly resin model that still has the stainless steel wall panel and saltwater warranty. It’s not quite as beefy but darn close and a few hundred dollars cheaper.

If you have more detailed question or are in interested above ground pool installation call us at (321) 662-4728 or visit our website at

Mediterranean Semi-InGround Pool