Florida Pool Covers

I Live In Florida, Do I Need A Pool Cover?

A pool cover in Florida sounds absurd to many residents of the sunshine state. Why would you need a pool cover for an above ground pool in a place that never freezes and the sun shines almost all year long? This logic makes perfect sense on the surface but I’ll give you a few reasons to consider getting a pool cover for your above ground pool.

Pool Covers, There’s Good Reasons To Use One

Pool Liner Longevity

The biggest contributor to pool liner failure in Florida is the sunshine. Pools in Florida are exposed to our intense sunshine all year long. Because it never really freezes and the temperatures are warm the entire year, pools never get closed or winterized. This year long exposure to the UV rays from the sun cause the pool liner to quickly fade and become hard or brittle. In fact pool liners in Florida can often last half as long as pool liners up north.

Even though the Florida sun will destroy a pool cover in record time, it’s still much cheaper and far less work than having to replace a pool liner. If you must replace a pool cover every couple of years it’s a bargain when comparing the cost of the liner replacement. Buy a mesh pool cover to allow water to pass on through it while still keeping out debris and the dreaded UV light.

Pool Water Loss

Florida pools lose more water due to evaporation in the winter months when the humidity is lower. Most of the time people only think they have a leak because they experience more evaporation during the dry months. Covering your pool when not in use for extended periods will not only help save the liner it’ll save on your water bill too. Heck, it may save you a couple hundred dollars not having to pay leak detection service call.

Chemical Loss

As you already know, the sun is a tough one here. Not only does it damage the liner it steals or neutralizes the chemicals you add to the pool. Keeping a cover on your pool will slow the need for additional chemical to keep up water quality by lower the exposure to the sun. This ties into the water loss issue too as the more water you need to add back to the pool the more chemicals you’ll need to add as well.

Pool Maintenance

Fall is a time when the weather cools and the leaves begin to drop to the ground. If you are one of those people who have trees in your pool area then you know how tough it can be to keep up with the maintenance during certain times of the year. The constant scooping of leaves and debris can leave you frustrated at times. By using a mesh pool cover and a leaf net together you can eliminate the debris from falling into your pool. The cover will allow water to pass through the cover and not pool up on top. The leaf net will allow you to quickly remove the leaves without worry of them falling into the water when the cover is removed.

God’s Creatures

I’ve given you some compelling reasons to consider investing in a cover for your above ground pool but I do have one more good reason if your still on the fence about it, God’s creatures. Even if you’re not a religious person or animal lover most of us really don’t want to be responsible for an animal’s demise, and certainly we can agree that removing one your swimming pool is disgusting and unsanitary at the least.

As a pool maintenance worker I have seen my share of pets and wildlife that had met their maker at the hands of backyard swimming pools. Many had been there for some time and the pool required additional attention if you know what I mean. If only there were a cover on those pools accidents like this could have been easily avoided.

Pool covers are a great buy for above ground pools. They cost almost nothing to buy compared to what they can save you. It’s for the reasons above that my opinion is pool covers do more good than harm and are a worthy investment for any above ground pool owner in Florida.