Pool Liner Floor Padding

Armor Shield pool floor pad provides a protective layer between the vinyl swimming pool liner and the ground. This product is highly recommended for Florida above ground pool or liner installations. Because the soils of Central Florida and the Space Coast are so soft and sandy, it very common and easy for moles and beetles to burrow under pools. Above ground pools are often like magnets for critters, they and tree roots go here because of the moisture and to find something to eat. This product will keep unwanted rodents, roots, rocks, sharp objects and even glass from puncturing your new pool liner.

This Polypropylene Geo-textile material is extremely tough and nearly indestructible. Better yet it’s breathable, does not trap moisture and will not contribute to pool corrosion. Pre-cut to size and shape, no cutting or taping needed. Ready to use right out of the box. Great added insurance for your pool liner investment. Combine with nutgrass killer for the ultimate in pool liner protection. Nothing stop nutgrass in Florida but good nut grass poison.

Pool Floor Pad For Above Ground Pools